Training Projects

Training activities will provide a range of virtual and in-person experiences to provide opportunities for practitioners, researchers and students to participate in advanced-level research.

  • T1. Education in RE Research
    To increase evidence-based practices by rehab professionals, this project will provide an integrated program of online training that will provide rehab engineers and practitioners, designers and technology developers with RE research skills.
  • T2. Post-Secondary Training
    The primary objective of this project is to introduce the principles of RE research, UD, and aging with disability to students in industrial design (ID), mechanical engineering (ME), human computer interaction (HCI), and human factors/engineering psychology (PSY) at Georgia Tech. This will be accomplished through standard classroom instruction, student projects, and advanced level graduate research assistantships.
  • T3. Universal Design in Home and Community-based Technologies Competition
    The primary objective of this project is to introduce students across GA Tech to principles of UD in the development of home and community-based technologies through a special award as part of Georgia Tech’s Convergence Innovations Competition (CIC). This project will sponsor a special award for UD in home and community-based technologies as part of the CIC.