T1. Education in RE Research

Principal Investigator: Carolyn Phillips, M.Ed.
Project Team: Jon A. Sanford, M.Arch.

Specific Aims
To increase evidence-based practices by rehab professionals, this project will provide an integrated program of online training that will provide rehab engineers and practitioners, designers and technology developers with RE research skills.

Specific aims of this project are to:

  1. utilize existing networks, (e.g., DATHA, RERC Advisory Board) to solicit information about training needs in RE R&D for professionals;
  2. develop, conduct and evaluate an asynchronous online course on UD and RE research methods based in part on T2. Post-secondary training;
  3. provide clinical and laboratory experiences to augment the asynchronous course through a live virtual practicum with hands-on participation in advanced level research RERC research;
  4. conduct and evaluate quarterly specialized webcasts to supplement the online course by highlighting RERC research; and
  5. host online podcasts.

Based on our extensive experience with online and in-person training, we recognize that different topics and materials require different training mechanisms. Some work well through user-directed study; others are more successful with interaction among instructors and participants; yet others need hands-on experiences. Thus, the RERC will develop and evaluate the quality, clarity and knowledge acquisition of an integrated online program that includes a range of training experiences. The program will include an asynchronous 4-week online course in UD as well as hands-on RE research experiences that include video labs; a live virtual practicum to directly engage professionals in RERC research; and a series of specialized webcasts on specific RERC R&D topics, archived as podcasts to supplement the webcourse.

Disability 101 for Researchers: A Closer Look at Communication: December 3, 2014

Innovative Design Creation Process Workbook: Designing Solutions to Improve the Lives of Older Adults. Workshop conducted at the 2015 Leading Age Georgia Technology & Aging Summit: November 12, 2015.